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LifeNets Helping in the Congo

May 15, 2017

You can read about our Congo work at

Also, you can read about it in our last Travelpod blog to Zambia at…/victorku…/20/1493488342/tpod.html


Sam Kasonga and the orphans

FLASH! Received offer for camera and it’s on it’s way here. Thank you!

For our Congo orphanage, I need a plain old small digital camera that you may no longer use Since many of us have phones that take superior photos to what we used to take with conventional cameras, those old cameras are tucked somewhere in a drawer. I had two such cameras and gave them away in Africa. If you have a camera that you don’t use and could give away, I’ll give you a tax receipt.

If you can help, contact me at

LifeNets Greeting Card Fundraiser

May 4, 2017

Met in my office May 2, 2017 to discuss greeting card fundraiser. Art on greeting cards is from UCG members around the world. Will be available at several US Festival sites as well as Australia. As of today, we are still deciding what project overseas to support in conjunction with Australia festivals.   Australia Youth Card Project.…/
card fundraiser

From left: Sonia Carlson, Keith Lippincott, Victor Kubik, Jason Lovrien, Sean Kelly