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Zambia Borehole Completed

October 14, 2016

Our remote Mufumbwe, Zambia borehole project complete. It provides drinking and irrigation water to the Chilemo Orphan’s Club and the community. LifeNets thanks the Vladimir and Oksana Badaliy family of Portland, Oregon for the funding.…/borehole-ba…/report%20sept%202015.html


Zambia Completes Church Building

October 13, 2016

Mapoko, Zambia — a completed church building dedicated October 8, 2016. LifeNets along with Salem, Oregon UCG provided funds not only for the building construction but also for cattle and other humanitarian needs.


Derrick Pringle Reports on Zambian Youth Trip

October 9, 2016

From ZAMBIA. This is an updated report with photos from Derrick Pringle who took youth from the Copperbelt first to Victoria Falls, then to our United Youth Camp at our church property that has just come back to us after five years. We are grateful to have it back and use it for its intended purpose. We will be holding the Feast of Tabernacles at this site later this week as well.


LifeNets Helps Paralyzed Man

October 2, 2016

This is a heartwarming example of just one long-term project of LifeNets going back to 2001. Ivan Sobolev was paralyzed in a diving accident. Since that time LifeNets has helped him with medical supplies. He has an amazing story that includes graduation from online college. He just received our last shipment and writes this message that you can read here.