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Special Ukrainian Dance

June 29, 2016

Last Thursday in Ukraine my 21 year old nephew Colin Kubik did this Ukrainian dance with Natalya, one of the “Revival” Center workers at staff party. Colin was a volunteer worker at the Center for almost a year and has now returned to his home in Spokane, Washington. This was performed last Thursday evening, June 23, 2016.

Photos of 20-Year Celebration

June 24, 2016

Chernihev, Ukraine today celebrating 20 years of working with Revival Center for kids. Photo 1: Vic and Bev with British Ambassador to Ukraine Judith Gough, Photo 2; The crowd at the celebration Photo 3: Bev receives public service award and kiss from Chernihev Governor.

Ukraine Revival 20 yr

A Day at the Revival Centre in Chernihev, Ukraine

June 22, 2016…/victorku…/18/1466628079/tpod.html

What a day today seeing the tremendous progress since the last time we were here seven years ago. Read our story on the above link.

Ukraine 20th

Video from Recipients of LifeNets Scholarships

June 15, 2016

LifeNets Scholarship Developing Nations Fund is success. Watch this 4 min video from students in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and Chile.

LifeNets Helps Malnourished Guatemalans

June 14, 2016
Thank you, LifeNets board member Mark Rorem in the San Francisco Bay Area for spearheading this fundraiser that has already provided positive outcomes!


Banner for 20-Year Celebration with Revival Centre

June 14, 2016

Katherine Rowland, home office employee holds up banner we are taking with us to Europe tomorrow. We will celebrating 20 years of working with the REVIVAL Centre for Disabled Children 30 miles due east of Chernobyl. The 20 years represents our work. LifeNets itself has been incorporated since Nov 1, 1999, 16 and a half years. On this trip we will be meeting also with Italian, Dutch and German brethren.


Success for a LifeNets Scholarship Recipient in the Philippines

June 12, 2016

A great outcome for one of LifeNets scholarship students in the Philippines. This more than validates our need to continue this program to help more young people have opportunity for a lifelong career. Thanks to all who support the LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Program.


Ryan Cooper Writes about LifeNets Well Project

June 10, 2016
From Cambodia Ryan Cooper writes an update about the well project that LifeNets completed and the effects on the community.

Cambodia bore hole

Cinncinnati East Congregations Donate Maize for Malawi

June 10, 2016

Cincinnati East UCG and LifeNets Provide Food Security in Malawi.

Malawi has suffered two dismal agricultural years and we see prices for grain skyrocketing in a few months. The Cincinnati East congregations took up a collection to buy 300 50 kg sacks of maize to help our people through the almost certain famine later in the year. Maize is stored at the LifeNets Business Centre in Lilongwe.

Malawi maize

Remarkable Story about Colin Kubik

June 9, 2016 This is truly a heart-warming and remarkable story about my 21-year-old nephew Colin Kubik who has worked for nearly a year at the Revival Centre for disabled children about 30 miles due east of the ill-fated Chernobyl nuclear reactor. LifeNets was formed out of a relationship that first started with our learning about the people who created this center in October 1995, almost a year before it was founded. It’s now 20 years later and what a work for helping children has been done!

Colin Kubik1