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Chelsea Dawe Shares Her Last Day at Eagle’s Nest

January 27, 2016

YouTube by one of the Youth Corps volunteers in Guatemala earlier this month describing Eagle’s Nest Project Good Works/LifeNets


Looking Back at ABC’s Annual Fundraiser

January 25, 2016

ABC Charity AuctionOn April 26, 2015 ABC held its annual fundraiser, the Charity Auction, to support the “Light of Love” Charity in Ukraine and Youth Corps participants who travelled there in July to help with the summer day camp. LifeNets is grateful for the support and for the wonderful outcomes for the street kids, orphans as well as the experience for our young adults to work in Ukraine.…/summer15/2015%20abcfundraiser.html

Guatemala Youth Corps Report

January 25, 2016

Guatemala Youth Corps report by Lisa Fenchel, Jonathan Magee, Garrett Fenchel, Linda Merrick and Chelsea Dawe was our Focus Meeting program today. What a journey and what an experience! More at

Jonathan McGee

LifeNets Helps Ukrainian Refugees

January 24, 2016

LifeNets helping with hardship that Ukrainian refugees from the Eastern war zone are going through now. Just posted this most recent from our on the ground aid distributor Yuri Andreev who lives in New Odessa. LifeNets helps out modestly with $800 a month for very basic needs for these refugees.

Ukraine 3 girls

LifeNets Helped in Guatemala

January 22, 2016

LifeNets helped to fund the activities that United Youth Corps team-members ran at Eagles Nest Children’s Home in Guatemala from Dec 25-Jan 8, 2016. They also worked with a community living at the Guatemala City dump and who live off what they can find there.
Guatamala camp

LifeNets Drills Borehole as 1st Project in Cambodia

January 18, 2016

Our first LifeNets project in Cambodia is completed! LifeNets Australia financed $1500, 3/4 of the cost of the borehole for the village of Srok which is three hours out of the capital Phnom Penh. Because the village is on a hillside, the 350 families living there did not have easy access to fresh water. Now 60 people will be directly served with closeby fresh water. Ryan Cooper from Terre Haute, Indiana is living in Cambodia and managed this project. The well was dedicated two days ago on January 16th. See story, photos and video.
Cambodian borehole

LifeNets Work at Chernobyl Past 20 Years

January 10, 2016…/VicKubik%20Rotarian%20ArticleR.pdf
LifeNets has been working in the Chernobyl area continuously for the past 20 years with support and aid for the “Revival” Centre for Rehabilitation for disabled children. It now helps orphaned children from the war in Eastern Ukraine. In April 2006 the Rotarian featured us in a major article written by Michael Snyder in their Rotarian magazine. See more about our work in Chernobyl at

New Jazzy J6 Power Wheelchair Donated

January 7, 2016

Yesterday we at LifeNets received a donation of a brand new Jazzy J6 power wheelchair shown on left valued at $2,000 from a woman whose husband just died in Boynton Beach, Florida.  Our volunteer in Deerfield, Florida, Chuck Smith, picked up the chair and it will be used for someone who needs a chair like this either in the southern Florida area or the Caribbean where Chuck and his wife Mary regularly travel.

We are thankful for the wheelchair project works and how it’s benefited so many.  Each year LifeNets matches about 100 wheelchairs from donors to qualified recipients.  This free service has been operated by LifeNets for the past 16 years.  See our wheelchair page at

LifeNets Business Center Opens in Malawi

January 5, 2016

Aaron K Dean added 24 new photos to the album: LifeNets Business Center Opens in Malawi.
Malawi Business Center

Brazilian Herd Increases to 18

January 3, 2016

We are really thrilled about how well this project has progressed where the size of the herd has grown to 18 in Maloca de Mosca. Director Jorge de Campos there NOW.

Cattle Brazil