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Horse to Help with Cattle Herding in Brazil

December 29, 2014

Lifenets cattle at Maloca de Moscou. Youth Corp volunteers donated money to purchase a horse to help with cattle herding.

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Undisputed Runs, LLC Highlights LifeNets Wheelchair Project

December 25, 2014

Undisputed Runs, LLC, highlights the LifeNets Wheelchair Project. LifeNets receives $5 for every registration, as well.…/undisputedr…/wheelchairundisputed.html


LifeNets Helps Claudio Sierra Regain about 80% of Sight

December 23, 2014

LifeNets helps Claudio Sierra with eye operation that helps him regain about 80% of his sight. We have worked with Claudio for more than 10 years. Two years ago he was a student at Ambassador Bible College here in Cincinnati.

Claudio with sister and mother

Claudio with sister and mother

Wheelchair Match Last Month in Pennsylvania

December 23, 2014

Here’s a heartwarming LifeNets Wheelchair Project story of a match made last month in Pennsylvania. Project coordinator Michael Kubik tells the story. We are approaching the 100 match mark for the year 2014. We have maintained this domestic LifeNets program since the year 2000.

Michael Kubik, Wheelchair Project Coordinator

Michael Kubik, Wheelchair Project Coordinator

Latest LifeNets eNews Just Sent

December 23, 2014

The latest LifeNets eNews dated December 23, 2014 was just sent to 1100 subscribers. Stories about our relief work in Ukraine, scholarships, eyeglasses to Brazil, Annual report and more. Go to

LifeNets Is Helping Ukrainians

December 21, 2014

LifeNets is helping Ukrainians in the war-torn eastern regions of that country. Through our contacts we have been able to help several families in desperate situations. We thank Natasha Teague from our Russian-speaking department for help facilitating this service. See more of the story at


Here’s a Favorite Post from the Past: Volunteers & Computers to Guatemala

December 19, 2014

Here’s a favorite post of ours from the past: Two LifeNets laptop computers headed for Guatemala with the UCG Youth Corp project at the Eagle’s Nest Orphanage in Solola, Guatemala from December 27-January 10th. From left is Esther and Jonathan Magee and Lisa Fenchel. The laptops are for LifeNets scholarship recipients. Four students will share the two computers.


New 2015 LifeNets Calendar!

December 18, 2014

Richard Kennebeck overseeing the stuffing and mailing of the 2015 LifeNets calendar which is full size this year.   It contains lots of good photos from the past 15 years.

Kennebeck 2015 calendar

Update from LifeGaps Charter School in central Indiana

December 6, 2014

Ever since LifeNets started 15 years ago, we continue to support LifeGaps Charter school in central Indiana. It is run by Jerry Cook who, in our estimation, has worked miracles with challenged teens. He’s given them a sense of worth and accomplishment as you can see from the stories in our LifeGaps section at Read his latest update….

Jerry Cook

Jerry Cook

Here’s a Favorite Post from the Past: LifeNets Japan Helps Philippines

December 4, 2014

LifeNets Japan sends 1,000 articles of children’s clothing to Haiyon victims in the Philippines.

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