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LifeNets Japan Helps Typhoon Victims

October 31, 2014

LifeNets Japan helps victims of August 3, 2014 Super Typhoon Halong in Kochi, Japan (Shikoku Island). Read Owen Wade’s story. We thank our LifeNets Japan Director Dr. Yumi Yamamoto for managing this charitable deed.

93 Pairs of Eyeglasses for Brazil

October 31, 2014

LifeNets is sending 93 pairs of eyeglasses to Brazil as part of UCG Youth Corps Projects in Brazil in the month of December. Jorge and Kathy de Campos will be going with the young adults. MORE:

Kathy & Jorge de Campos display the eyeglasses

Kathy & Jorge de Campos display the eyeglasses

LifeNets Acknowledges Memorial Donations

October 29, 2014

LifeNets-Sponsored Chris Collins Reports on His Work in Thailand

October 29, 2014

We are so glad that you can have this experience!

Chris Collins

Annual ABC Charity Auction Raises $7,000 for Zambia Borehole

October 28, 2014

Wonderful LifeNets story of ABC Charity Evening April 14, 2013 event that raised $7000 towards $8000 borehole in remote NE Zambia that now provides water for an entire community. Read story here and see photos of the fundraiser, silent auction and variety show. Great event. Lots of fun and a tremendous story of service!

LifeNets Receives Hats/Blankets for Brazil/Guatemala

October 28, 2014

LifeNets receives 37 beautiful hats, blankets and other items to send along with our youth corps to Brazil and Guatemala. A mother/daughter team, Ruth Chuprinko and Renee Robertson, help LifeNets once again with this labor of love. See more at

Diane Bailey, assistant to Victor Kubik, shows off the items received at the home office.

Diane Bailey, assistant to Victor Kubik, shows off the items received at the home office.

LifeNets 2013 Annual Report Available Online

October 26, 2014

LifeNets Annual Report is now posted online at


Myers Concert Inspires About $12,000 Donations for Brazil Borehole

October 23, 2014

Steve, Skip & John Myers Rehearse Before the Benefit Concert
Steve, Skip & John Myers Rehearse Before the Benefit Concert.

At Panama City Beach, a highlight event was a benefit concert put on by Skip, Steve and John Myers. Their beautiful harmonies inspired about $12,000 in donations that will be used for the Church’s Good Works and LifeNets projects in northern Brazil. A 240 foot deep borehole will supply water for a community of about 650 people that includes about 45 members of the United Church of God and a similar number of Living Church of God members.

Scholarship Graduate, Martin Ngulubi of Zambia

October 6, 2014

Our latest LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Program graduate, Martin Ngulubi, who graduated on Friday, October 3, 2014 in the Copper Belt of Zambia. He is standing next to UCG Mufulira, Zambia deacon Jonathan Lithaba. Read about our scholarship program at

Borehole in Brazil

October 5, 2014

Newest LifeNets project is borehole in Maloca of Moscou in northern Brazil of the the Wapishana area. Photos will be coming. LifeNets share of this project was $5450 for a 240 foot well. Photos of the project will be coming soon. It is serving a community of 625 people. Read more at We thank you for your support. Money well spent and doing good!