Visit to Sabbatarians in Willow Springs, MO

On February 16, 2014, Victor and Beverly Kubik along with Peter and Terri Eddington visited pastor Nikolai Gantiuk and his wife Angelina at the community of Ukrainian Sabbatarians near Willow Springs, Missouri.


From left: Terri Eddington, Beverly Kubik, Angelina and Nikolai Gantiuk, Victor Kubik, Peter Eddington

Here a community of 500 Sabbath-keeping immigrants has established a church. Two hundred-ninety are baptized; the remainder is children. They also have an affiliate church in Springfield, Missouri, about 100 miles away, with an additional 150 people. And, there is yet another Sabbatarian church called “Church of Christians of the Sabbath Day” from Portland that has resettled 50 or so to Springfield. Vladimir Pavlov, their Portland pastor, recently died. The pastor of the Springfield congregation is the son of the deceased pastor. We visited them in Portland this past April. It is this church that financed two boreholes in Zambia for LifeNets and you can read that story here

Here is the sign posted over the well….


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