Another LifeNets Scholarship Success: Ani from Armenia

Ani from Armenia
Ani Poghossyan (left) and her family in Armenia

Updated August 7, 2013

We are so pleased about the progress of Ani Poghossyan in Aremina who is now in the third year of studies with a LifeNets scholarship. We just received this update from her:

Ani’s letter to LifeNets:

Dear members of God’s Family and dear LifeNets!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and scholarship of my studies.

I have finished my third year and have been very busy to gain more knowledge and to pass the exams well. I am really enjoying my studies and consider myself lucky to be able to go to university. I have to admit that God helped me with the exams and I praise and thank Him for that.

During my studies I came to the understanding that one also has to gain good knowledge. Because without that knowledge, that is God’s wisdom, it is impossible to understand the purpose in life and to walk the true path.

At home I have the chance to discuss questions of faith with my father and to be closer to God while we do bible study.

I thank God and LifeNets for your love and mercy.

May God bless you for your love and good deeds. Thank you very much,

Ani Poghossyan

Here are the subjects she’s studying: German literature, practical German, Persian, English, theoretical grammar, political science and journalism.

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