Helping with Good Works/Youth Corps Project in Guatemala

We will be co-sponsoring a project with United Youth Corp in Guatemala! This project will take place at the Eagle’s Nest Orphanage from Dec. 27, 2013, until Jan. 10, 2014. While the Eagle’s Nest Orphanage meets the physical needs of the children, they yearn for individual attention from loving adults. A section of each day will include serving by spending time with and building a relationship with the children.

One main goal of the program is for volunteers to help the children learn English. The ability to speak English gives Guatemalans an improved opportunity to find work and build a career in tourism, business or teaching. Volunteers will work using songs, games and activities to help make learning English fun.

A Bible lesson, prepared by the Guatemalan volunteers, will be taught to the children each day.  Eagle’s Nest encourages the groups to craft the project based on the strengths of the volunteers. As a secondary objective, the volunteers may find additional ways to serve the children by helping with maintenance of the campus, providing entertainment or helping with serving meals to local children in need. Six individuals will join six young adults from Guatemala to work at the orphanage.

See video of the Eagle’s Nest Orphanage in Guatemala.


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