Support for Thailand Legacy Institute Education Project

LifeNets helps sponsor Amanda Boyer on year-long mission to work at the Legacy Institute in northern Thailand. She arrived in May and is ready for an exciting year of work and learning! See more at

Amanda writes:

Thank you so much for aiding me in this wonderful opportunity through LifeNets. I am so looking forward to this adventure and service project in Thailand.  Since graduation at ABC, I’ve been working with young children and teaching in a child care setting. I’ve also been attending the University of Cincinnati to pursue a degree in Secondary Education: Language Arts.

I believe this opportunity at the Legacy institute will be a life changing experience; one that graciously allows me to serve God and the Thai people, as well as gain experience and skills sets that will be need for my future aspirations to teach. I fully expect this experience to be a challenge, and to be a growing experience that I will put my whole heart into. Giving a year of my life to serve and teach is a sacrifice, but it is a sacrifice that I count as great gain in comparison for all God has given and done. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

Amanda Boyer


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