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LifeNets Girl Scouts Philippines Water Tank Project

August 30, 2013

Philippines water tanks
LifeNets finances water tanks for Girl Scout Camp in Davao City, Philippines to provide much needed water capacity for users.

See story and photos of the project:
(posted March 11, 2013)

MOMS! (Mothers Offering Mothers Support)

August 30, 2013

New LifeNets initiative to drill boreholes in African communities to help alleviate endless water transport. (posted March 14, 2013)

For more information and pictures:
MOMS! (Mothers Offering Mothers Support)

LifeNets Brazil Cattle Project

August 29, 2013

Brazil cows

Jorge de Campos returns from Brazil with great report and pictures of our growing LifeNets cattle program. Read more. (posted August 29, 2013)

A LifeNets Wheelchair Project Story That Makes a Difference …

August 28, 2013

In 2012 we matched 82 wheelchairs with deserving recipients.
Weller wheelchair
Pastor Gary Weller in new wheelchair

Here is a heartwarming letter we received from one of those matches:

“On March 16, 2013 Pastor Gary Weller and Gloria from Ohio met with the family whom donated the power wheel chair. Gary and I would like to thank you for donating the chair. Tears of joy and thankfulness was shared and Gary stated to the family that he promised the chair would be 100% taken care of and how much he appreciated the chair. The family had Gary to sit in the chair and adjusted him to his comfort and gave him the opportunity to ride in their garage so they could show him how it works. Gary shed tears of thankfulness and it has been a blessing for us that he can move through the home now with out worrying of his balance and falls. We would like to thank you for all you have done to make this possible. God Bless.”

The Weller Family

Dennis Luker Foundation

August 28, 2013

On March 19, 2013 we established the Dennis Luker Memorial Foundation in honor of our dear friend Dennis Luker who died on March 14, 2013. Along with his wife LeeAnn they ardently supported LifeNets education projects and we would like to memorialize his life with future education initiatives.

Another LifeNets Scholarship Success: Ani from Armenia

August 27, 2013

Ani from Armenia
Ani Poghossyan (left) and her family in Armenia

Updated August 7, 2013

We are so pleased about the progress of Ani Poghossyan in Aremina who is now in the third year of studies with a LifeNets scholarship. We just received this update from her:

Ani’s letter to LifeNets:

Dear members of God’s Family and dear LifeNets!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and scholarship of my studies.

I have finished my third year and have been very busy to gain more knowledge and to pass the exams well. I am really enjoying my studies and consider myself lucky to be able to go to university. I have to admit that God helped me with the exams and I praise and thank Him for that.

During my studies I came to the understanding that one also has to gain good knowledge. Because without that knowledge, that is God’s wisdom, it is impossible to understand the purpose in life and to walk the true path.

At home I have the chance to discuss questions of faith with my father and to be closer to God while we do bible study.

I thank God and LifeNets for your love and mercy.

May God bless you for your love and good deeds. Thank you very much,

Ani Poghossyan

Here are the subjects she’s studying: German literature, practical German, Persian, English, theoretical grammar, political science and journalism.

LifeNets Kenya Goat Project Funded By LifeNets Australia

August 26, 2013

Kenya goat project

Report on the LifeNets Kenya Goat Project funded by LifeNets Australia. We are so pleased to see people from different continents working together to bring about a higher quality of life. (posted March 9, 2013)

Kids for Cows Update

August 26, 2013


We thank children who through LifeNets help children get milk in Brazil, Zambia and Kenya (updated March 17, 2013).  

Very Much Appreciated Gift from Colorado 4-H Club

August 25, 2013

LifeNets received a donation from the Stars 4-H Club in Parker, Colorado that we had never heard of. The young people found our work of note and wanted to support it. We were very moved. See more at

Rising Stars
"Our 4-H Club last year chose to raise money for your ministry.  We really like and appreciate what all of you guys are doing to help people around the world."

ABC Charity Auction Raises $7,000 for Borehole in Zambia

August 25, 2013

April 14, 2013 — The annual Ambassador Bible Center charity auction was held on Sunday evening, April 14. Our program raised money for LifeNets for the drilling of a borehole in Isoka, Zambia. This borehole will not only help the members that lived there, but also help the entire community get more localized water. The event raised $6,967 for the project.

The theme of the entertainment for the night was “TV Land,” and we framed the stage at the home office to make it look like a gigantic cardboard television. Every moment had the audience in an uproar of laughter with skits that took cues from everything from Abbott and Costello to the Bible!  In one instance a ping-pong tournament sent balls flying into the audience through our amazing 3D effects, and in another the sweet voices of a group of students serenaded the smiling audience.  Everybody was captivated by the show, and we had them at the first laugh.

The live auction took place between the skits, and our class president, Aaron Creech, served as auctioneer. Sometimes he spoke so fast he confused himself. As the delicacies and baked goods donated by the congregation were walked down the aisles, so went up the paddles. Not a second was spared except by a few breaths taken by Aaron as he excitedly shouted “Sold!” By the time the final dessert was auctioned to the generous brethren in attendance, the $6,967 we raised will almost entirely pay for the borehole for those whose lives will be made so much better because of it.

As the night came to a close, the ABC class still had one act up their sleeves as a final farewell.  With an upbeat swing dance, the class danced around the room, leaving the crowd only wanting more. Applause and cheers went out for the class and each took their bows and blew their kisses.  Stay tuned for more charity auction fun, and maybe next time you can be a part of it too.

by Derrick Slocum

PS: Wilson Nkhoma, in Zambia responded with this note after the fundraiser:

“The borehole project is URGENTLY needed in the Kalukanya area. During our last visit there we failed to baptize anyone because the well was then dry and there was no water nearby except at a stream about 12 km away! And there was only a beaten track….not meant for vehicles. It was late November and water was a problem. The new borehole will serve about 500 people!  All the villagers would benefit.”