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Our Wheelchair Project having one of its best years ever

June 6, 2012

For a while it was looking like we’d close up our wheelchair project because of a lack of donations.  However, this year we’ve had an unusually large amount of chairs donated that are being matched to help needy recipients.  Wheelchair Project is having best year. So far in 2012 we have had 59 donations and have matched 52 of them.  We project 127 matches for the year.

Thom with new LifeNets wheelchair

Our most heartwarming story is about Thom, a US vet who has been able to get a much-needed power chair. Read his story and others at Our wheelchair program is manages by Michael and Alix Kubik.  To donate or look for a chair online visit our special site at http:/ See Thom’s story directly at

ABC (Ambassador Bible Center) raises $6000 for Scholarship Fund

June 5, 2012

On April 29, 2012 ABC in Cincinnati, Ohio raised $6000 for our Developing Nations Scholarship Fund.  We are thankful to all who organized and participated in this Charity Auction and evening of entertainment and fun.  See video of event highlights.

Getting this blog going again….

June 4, 2012

LifeNets has had so many diverse activities going…and we’ve been slow to report here…..however, we have written up most of what we do and post on our website at and can be found on Facebook at and even on Twitter at    We thank you for your interest in LifeNets and hope you visit us often as we help people in distressed countries and help with wheelchairs in the United States….