Helping Japanese Evacuees is a team effort – including children

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Dr. Yumi Yamamoto writes to us:

Thank you for your warm prayers and kind donations to the people in Japan.
March 30th

I received several reports from the doctors who are working at the area of the disasters. It is like  working in field hospitals in war. They are lacking  electricity, water, drugs, staffs, beds, clean gauzes, information and many other things that should exist normally.

My cousin wrote me about her friend nurse. When the tsunami came which flushed out the area where she lived, she was working at hospital. Later she knew the tsunami took everything, even her parents, but she had no way to go to look for them. She had no home to go back She had no clothes to change into.

She had no bed to sleep on after the hard work besides the floor at hospital. In a week or so, her parents’ bodies were found. But she has to keep working like every other medical staff is doing without any funeral ceremonies for them.

At the shelters children are organizing ‘Kata tataki Tai’, which means a shoulder massage club. These children visit old people in the shelter and they give massages on their shoulders (see left). What one can do may be very very little, but their small weak hands can make old people smile and happy. One child asked a lady when she was giving massages on her shoulder if she felt better, and the lady answered, ‘Yes, I am feeling as good and comfortable as though I am in Paradise.’

Twenty days have passed after March 11th.


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