Progress on Prenatal/Neonatal Clinic in Malawi

In September, we wrote about a new clinic that LifeNets is helping build in Salima, Malawi. Nester Phiri, who will run the completed clinic, writes from Malawi:

September 27, 2010

A Letter of Thanks

I would like to thank LifeNets Contributors for assistance given to me through LifeNets coordinator Mrs. Beverly Kubik, which has enabled me to build a Clinic of which upon its completion will help me to earn a living.

The Clinic will comply of three departments. The first department will be for daily care of sick people where they will be getting the treatment according to their illnesses. On this I will need to employ a clinician to run that department. The second department will be a prenatal care for pregnant mother before they deliver their babies. I will be the one responsible for this department. The third will be for children care ranging from day one to five years of age. Theywill be monitored on their weight, growth in general and their health status. They will also be given various vaccines. I will be in this department also on voluntary basis because most resource on this area come from the Government.

The clinic will assist about75 families around it and others from within Salima district. I will need about five people to start the clinic that is including me.

I heartedly thank you for your assistance.

Yours faithful,

Nester B. Phiri

In addition, Rotary International gave LifeNets a $21,000 grant for boreholes for water, one of which will serve the clinic and community in Salima. For more information about this clinic, click here.


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