LifeNets Helps in Haiti

While LifeNets’ primary function is not disaster relief, when there are crises that demand attention donors often seek out LifeNets and ask what we are doing to help. Typically, LifeNets personnel direct those who inquire to agencies who are better-equipped to handle disaster relief, such as Red Cross or the Salvation Army. In the past, LifeNets has been able to help following disasters such as 9/11, the tsunami in Sri Lanka, and Hurricane Katrina. This was most often accomplished through individuals known to LifeNets, where there were specific needs that LifeNets was able to address.

Following the Haiti earthquake–the worst national disaster in the Western Hemisphere–requests came to LifeNets about what we were doing to help. Although LifeNets directed donors to the above-named relief agencies, stilll money was sent restricted for use in aid to Haiti. Enquiries led to an acquaintance in the Church of God (Seventh Day), who had earlier given over $12,000 in support of rebuilding in Sri Lanka. The $1,000 that had been received by LifeNets was donated to the rebuilding of a school and church in Haiti.

Progress on this project is slow, as is all progress in Haiti at the moment. However, William Hicks (Director of Missions and the Disaster Relief Fund for the Church of God) reports that the project is still open and making progress through the red tape that is necessary for such an undertaking.

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