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Saving Children in Chapita Village, Malawi

October 25, 2010

According to, Malawi is one of the 20 poorest countries in the world. Almost half of the population subsists on less than a dollar a day, and the life expectancy is only 40 years, because of disease and malnutrition. In Chapita Village, Malawi, about half of the deaths of children under age five are due to malaria. Because of the extreme poverty of this area, even the simplest of preventatives and treatments are unavailable to most people. The World Health Organization estimates that a child dies of malaria every 30 seconds in Africa.

LifeNets has been working to help the community of Chapita Village through the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre. One of the most beneficial projects has been supplying insecticide-treated mosquito nets–one of the World Health Organization’s highly-recommended preventive strategies. This project has been ongoing since 2007. Since the nets have been distributed not one child in this program has died of malaria.

The nets that have been crucial to this operation cost about $5 each. Saving even one child’s life is of inestimable value. Donors like you give children the chance to thrive even in the midst of a country filled with hardship.


LifeNets Now an NGO in Malawi

October 18, 2010









As of July 12th, an almost 9-year wait has ended with the registration of LifeNets as a Non-Governmental Agency (NGO) in Malawi.  LifeNets was already legally registered in South Africa, Zambia, Kenya and Ukraine. This status will enable LifeNets to better work in Malawi.

A Drink of Water

October 11, 2010

Malawi is the third-poorest country in the world. It is a country where there isn’t enough of just about anything–including clean drinking water. The women of Malawi must typically carry five gallons of water on their heads for long distances just to provide water for their families. Anything that makes that distance shorter is a tremendous blessing.

LifeNets has already provided financing for a dozen high-quality water wells in Malawi, and has just received a grant from the Rotary Foundation that will finance three more wells. LifeNets will be responsible to carry out the contracting for drilling and maintaining the three wells, one in Blantyre and two in Salima. All three wells will be on public property and will serve the entire community in each area.

Sewing a Better Life

October 4, 2010

Jesse Nyalubwe has a gift for sewing…and thanks to a gift from LifeNets, she is turning her ability into a better life for herself! With the gift of a sewing machine from LifeNets, Jesse was able to begin creating clothing to sell. Now, LifeNets is funding the construction of a clothing shop for her in a busy area of Lilongwe, Malawi. Victor and Beverly Kubik have been visiting the area for the past two weeks, and we look forward to updates and status reports on the many projects–including this one–in this area.