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Prenatal and Neonatal Clinic, Salima, Malawi

September 20, 2010

One of the things that I love about LifeNets projects is that they are most often investments that–with hard work and faithful stewardship–have the potential to change many lives, rather than helping only one individual or family. An example is the prenatal and neonatal clinic that is being built in Salima, Malawi.

Nester Phiri is a nurse who had worked at another LifeNets clinic in Lilongwe before moving back to Salima. Thanks to LifeNets, she is realizing her lifelong dream to build a clinic for expectant mothers. Her hard work, combined with the support of LifeNets, will hopefully improve lives in Salima greatly. As the clinic takes shape, it is already in the process of being registered with the government.

Read more and see more pictures here.

Turning Hard Work to Hope

September 14, 2010

What a heartwarming story the interview with Alfred Gama from Lilongwe, Malawi is!  I cannot imagine how difficult it is to be a single adult that is financially responsible for many relatives. Twelve hours a day, he works in his field, where he grows maize, tomatoes, sugarcane and beans.  He was working all day without proper tools or fertilizer and struggling to get any kind of decent crop to market. What a wonderful role model, and how frustrating to get so little return for one’s work!

 Thanks to a LifeNets donation, Alfred can now prosper. He has the necessary tools to make his fields grow, as well as maintain them properly. The initial donation helped him care for his family and eased his challenge so that he could bring a good crop to harvest. A second donation gave him even more hope for his future, in the form of the construction of a dam. It will make his life even easier by allowing him to store the necessary water for his crops, as well as giving him hope for expansion. 

The fact that he is planning for even more with the fish project just shows what a go-getter Alfred is. Thanks to LifeNets, he can have success now and also dreams for the future. Read the inspiring interview here.
 -Lorelei Nettles

LifeNets Triathlon, North Dakota

September 6, 2010

Since 2005, the North Dakota Chapter of LifeNets has sponsored what has grown to be the second-largest triathlon in the state, the LifeNets Triathlon. Each year, the proceeds go towards supporting LifeNets projects; last year, the proceeds from this triathlon helped fund the digging of a well in Malawi.

This year’s triathlon, held on August 22nd, featured 62 participants from as far away as Hawaii, many of whom have returned each year to the triathlon. While the event raised money for LifeNets, it also allowed the North Dakota Chapter to begin with local giving: the unused concession items were donated to the Ruth Myers Hospitality House in Bismarck, North Dakota.

See more photos and information here.