A New Set of Wheels

There are some things in life that are difficult to get rid of once they are no longer being used–mattresses, for example, or television sets. Another is wheelchairs. These modes of transportation can be life-changing when they are in use, but when they are no longer required, it’s hard to know just what to do with them. They’re expensive enough that it seems a shame to set them out for resale, but bulky enough that long-term storage is a hassle. So what do you do with that perfectly good used wheelchair?

One option is to donate it to the LifeNets Wheelchair Project. Last year, 97 used wheelchairs were matched with people who desperately needed them. These donated wheelchairs changed the lives of their new owners, including a woman in Dallas who was helped because anonymous friends asked LifeNets for help on her behalf. If you have a wheelchair you no longer need, please look into the LifeNets Wheelchair Project. Remember, too, that monetary donations are welcomed to this project as well, since many of the donated chairs need some level of restoration.



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