Changing Lives Through Education

Education is closely tied to LifeNets’ mission: it’s difficult to be self-sufficient if you have no means by which to increase your knowledge base. It makes sense, then, for LifeNets to concentrate a large part of their support on the Scholarship Program for students in developing countries. This program currently supports about forty young people annually, at an average cost of about $1,500 per year per student. Without this program, a college education would be beyond the reach of these young men and women. Thanks to LifeNets, they will enter the job force with much better chances of finding a job that will allow them to support themselves–and others. As one student wrote, “This scholarship helps me to go to school and learn what I would not have otherwise known. I will be an educated person and not dependent on others. I can then help others who are lacking assistance.”


One comment

  1. Iam fully impressed by your comment that Education is life .This because my life is what it is now simply because of Education.Iam a teacherb by profession here in Kenya and iam appealing for any wisher to assist financial support in pursuing degree

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