Becoming a parent is a life-changing event. Suddenly, one’s focus shifts from meeting one’s own needs to being the source of meeting someone else’s needs. I’ve been blessed in that this has not been extremely difficult for us in terms of meeting the physical needs of growing children. However, having this experience has made me far more aware of how difficult it must be for the many parents around the world who have little to give to their children. So many families struggle with crushing poverty, and sometimes there are addictions, missing partners, and other challenges with which they have to cope. When my children have needed help, I have been so grateful to those who were there to provide it. This is one of the primary reasons that I got involved with LifeNets in the first place: as a parent who loves her children, I feel the need to help children whose families need extra support. As trite as the expression may be, our children are our future…but to get them where they need to be, we need to give them present support.



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