Education has been mentioned several times over the last months in this space, and that is no accident. The idea of educating people–young and old–is a recurrent theme in the work of LifeNets. While there are programs (such as the Wheelchair Project) that focus primarily on ameliorating physical needs in an immediate way, many LifeNets projects have a component of education. This is, of course, wholly compatible with the idea of helping people by giving them support to become self-sufficient. Whether it is teaching English to students in Ukraine, supporting the work of a clinic dedicated to the rehabilitation of disabled children near Chernobyl, helping start small businesses in Malawi, or funding scholarships for students in South America, LifeNets keeps this goal clearly in sight. Helping in the short-term can provide some benefit, but giving someone the tools to help themselves over time will have a much bigger legacy.

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