The Mission of LifeNets

LifeNets’ mission statement reads:

LifeNets is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that develops programs offering practical assistance that promote the well being and self sufficiency of disadvantaged people throughout the world and, where possible, encourages them to pass on their LifeNets benefit to others.

As our world grows more complex, it becomes easier to see that people need more than money. While there is often an immediate need for monetary or physical assistance, most often money is not going to change anything long-term. The key is offer assistance that will change lives for the better, encouraging people by teaching them skills that they can use to help themselves and others. This builds self-reliance, motivation, and relationships.

Granted, there are times when money is the only way to help, such as in the case of natural disasters or other immediate problems. But one of the reasons that I am excited about LifeNets is that I can be a part of something that has the opportunity to change lives and communities by offering a combination of aid and education, with the idea that the organizations and individuals helped will not always have to depend on LifeNets–or any charitable organization–for help.



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