Update–Naomi Martin HBOT

Naomi Martin

On April 26th of this year, LifeNets publicized a fundraiser on behalf of the Martin family. Naomi Martin, who has Athetoid Cerebral Palsy, requires multiple treatments in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Until now, those treatments required a long and expensive trip for Naomi, her mother, and sisters.

I am delighted that, as of May 16th, the fundraiser had collected the amount of money necessary to buy a personal chamber that can be used at home. Now Naomi’s treatments will be much less expensive and stressful for her and her family. The money was used to recompense a private individual who had a chamber that had been purchased but was no longer used. Thanks to LifeNets and to caring people, a seemingly insurmountable financial barrier has been removed. It is inspiring to see what can happen when a lot of people are able to contribute a little to help someone else. Thank you!



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