Program for Kids in Suriname

Marcia Dalfour conducts education program.

Music can be a marvelous way to help students learn.  Last week, my students had a test in music class over the 50 states, which they learned in a song.  How many of us learned our ABCs by singing the song?  I still remember many of the songs I learned through Schoolhouse Rock. . . when they were originally broadcast.  I can still sing, “Conjunction Junction,” and, “I’m Just a Bill.” We won’t talk about how old I must be to remember the original broadcasts of Schoolhouse Rock!

So, as a teacher and musician, it excites me to see that LifeNets is helping Claid and Marcia Dalfour in Paramaribo, Suriname, to buy instruments as well as food for the kids in their program.  $4000 goes a long way toward instruments and food and shoes in South America. 

I’m sure the Dalfours will put the money to good use, helping the 40 or so kids in their program expand their social skills and reading skills.  Music will definitely help them to teach those crucial skills.


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