Naomi Martin HBOT Fundraiser

I was so touched by the story of three-year-old Naomi Martin and the challenges that she and her family face. My son had mid-range jaundice when he was born, but I was never aware of how much damage to a child’s brain it could cause, or that it could lead to Athetoid Cerebral Palsy.

I was glad to read of her many small accomplishments, including the ability to hold her own head up for short intervals. I was also encouraged to read that, if done early enough, her dormant cells could be recharged—as it were—through the use of a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. We can only hope and pray that this is true in little Naomi’s case.

I was shocked, however, to learn that Naomi, her five siblings, and her mother have to travel every three months to have these treatments. Forty Hyperbaric treatments in only twenty days is a lot, and since they stay with the clinic owner during those visits, it must be a great strain on everyone involved. Having the expense of $4000 each session has got to be overwhelming—I know it would be for my family.

A personal hyperbaric oxygen chamber would be life-changing for this family. Since these treatments will have to be administered for years to come, the savings to the family would be incredible—the cost of the chamber is $4,000 less than the treatments for just one year. The comfort that this could give the family is undeniable. It would save them money, time, and anxiety, as well as providing hope for Naomi’s future.

The monies earned from this LifeNets fundraiser will be such a blessing to this family. I hope that all who are able will donate towards this worthy project. With 25% of the target fund raised as I write this, I am sure that it won’t be long before that is accomplished.

Lorelei Nettles


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