Revival Centre of Medical/Social Rehabilitation for Children in Chernihev, Ukraine

Of all the many projects that LifeNets supports, the one that seems to strike the deepest chord in me is the Revival Centre for Rehabilitation in Chernihev, Ukraine, only about 40 miles from the Chernobyl power plant that failed in 1986.  LifeNets support reassures the people around Chernobyl that this disaster, even though it happened so long ago, hasn’t been forgotten.

Damage from the nuclear power plant failure of April, 1986, still continues, almost 25 years later.  Those who were small children—or not born yet—still suffer from the effects of that disaster.   In the midst of all the suffering that one foolish decision 24 years ago has brought, the Revival Centre of Rehabilitation is there sending out hope.  The Revival Centre helps children achieve all they can, despite their physical and mental disabilities. 

It took ten years of hard work after the Chernobyl incident to open the Revival Centre, and it’s taken a lot of hard work and love by Dr. Vasyl Pasichnyk and his partners to keep it going.  It is definitely love and outgoing concern for the less fortunate that is the driving force behind the Revival Centre.

Dance therapy, music, Montessori therapy, massage, everything that can be thought of and afforded to help disabled children is being employed at the Revival Centre.  The Centre is bright and colorful and a sharp contrast to the drab grays of a country still recovering from Soviet leadership. 

Recently, the Revival Centre was visited by the outgoing president of Ukraine, Victor Yuschenko, who gave an award to one of the centre’s founders, Dr. Pasichnyk’s wife Natalya.  Obviously, the work LifeNets supports at the Revival Centre is doing good things and catching the eye of the world.

I hope I can visit the Revival Centre someday.  It appears to be a bright beacon of hope in a place where hope seemed to die in 1986.


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