Change For Change

Young people at the Lafayette, Indiana United Church of God

Most people would like to do something to help those who are in need, but sometimes it seems that the need is so great and our resources are too small. Or we want to teach our kids about dedicating some part of their allowance to charity, but even they can look at how much they have to give and know that those few coins aren’t going to get very far in even the neediest of countries. What do you do when you want to help, but you don’t have much to spare?

LifeNets has an answer: the Change for Change program. In January 2009, the Seattle congregation of the United Church of God decided that they wanted to encourage children to make donations for the Street Children program in Vinogradov, Ukraine. A member decorated a large jar and set it out each week, with the goal of collecting enough money to support one child per month. Members and their children donated spare change each week, and soon found that all those small amounts add up to a big benefit for the street children of Vinogradov.

The idea fit so well with the LifeNets mission that there are now several collection points in churches and workplaces, dedicated to various LifeNets projects. People are discovering that compassion doesn’t necessarily require large sacrifices; when we use our ingenuity and work together, small efforts can make a big difference!

LifeNets offers laminated signs to help those who are interested in setting up their own Change for Change donation point, designated for any current LifeNets project. Click here for more information about setting up a donation point, or here to read about the first Change for Change project.


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