Mobility is More Than a “Convenience”

LifeNets responded to a plea for mobility from Patuma Wyson in Balaka, Malawi through our representative Wordsworth Rashid.  These photos  made me realize how just how much mobility means. It isn’t just “convenience.”  It’s an entirely new life. 

Before: This is “mobility” without a wheelchair

After: Dr. Sam Chilopora and wife Esther with Patuma Wyson in LifeNets wheelchair

Letter from Patuma:

Chibwana Nsamala
TA Kalembo

February 8, 2010

To LifeNets,

I write to thank you for the donation of the wheelchair. I will be able to move anywhere-everywhere to go to the market, visiting friends, church etc. and now my problem of movement is over. Continue supporting people like me. 

Yours faithfully, 

Patuma Wyson

See our full WEB story about Patuma Wyson at


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